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A person never expects to have an accident, but every day, millions of people are injured around the globe, and thousands here in New York.  Most people do not have any idea of their immediate rights, entitlements, and obligations under the law and do not know how to respond appropriately under the circumstances.  We, at the Stern Law Firm, know how to protect you and your family and have been doing so for over 35 years in the metro New York area.

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Pain and Suffering

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Highly Skilled Personal Injury Representation

If you or a loved one has been injured in any type of car accident in Bronx, Kings County, Queens, Nassau, Suffolk, Manhattan, or Westchester County, call us for immediate assistance. We have experience handling accident claims involving:

  • A hit and run
  • Head on collision
  • Truck accident
  • Side swipe
  • Left turn accident
  • Being hit by a vehicle running a red light
  • Getting hit at an excessive speed
  • When a vehicle hits you in your parked car

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our professional services Include:

We advise our clients and protect their legal rights in every type of accident.  Our expertise ranges from cases involving the most serious of injuries (death, paralysis or amputation) to those cases of significant connective tissue disruption (soft tissue) injuries.

Issues that may arise with Personal Injury

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Insurance companies are there to protect their own interests, not yours.  You need a personal injury lawyer like the Stern Law Firm to protect your interests and collect the highest possible award or settlement for your injuries.  Be sure to have representation for your claims and injuries. 

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