Personal Injury

We advise our clients and protect their legal rights in every type of accident. Our expertise ranges from cases involving the most serious of injuries including death, paralysis or amputation to those cases of significant connective tissue disruption (soft tissue injuries).

Products Liability

The Bronx defective products lawyers at the the Stern Law Firm firm are experienced litigators, highly skilled in handling products liability, and are waiting to talk with you.

Medical Malpractice

Having represented hospitals and doctors in defense of these claims immediately after graduating from law school, Alan Stern has a unique understanding of both the defense and prosecution and has developed a highly successful approach to achieving victory when prosecuting negligent medical providers on behalf of patients for well over twenty-five years.

Wrongful Death

We are experienced in handling these excruciatingly painful wrongful death claims. We can advise you on the Estate law (EPTL), the elements necessary to establish a case, the various causes of action available and the nature and extent of the recovery allowed.


Time is important when dealing with negligence cases, as statutes of limitations exist on all claims. By timely contacting an attorney, you improve your chances of reaching a successful outcome.

Workers Compensation

Workers compensation is a state-required insurance program intended to compensate injured workers for medical expenses and time off work, regardless of whether the worker was at fault for the injury. The system was put in place to ensure workers are quickly covered for medical expenses and wages but this system does not provide for fair or adequate compensation for pain and suffering, that's where Stern Law comes in.

Stern Law firm office in Garden City, bronx, brooklyn, queens and manhattan New York.

About the Firm

At the Stern Law Firm, we pride ourselves on handling all types of New York personal injury and negligence cases such as serious auto accidents, wrongful death, brain and spinal cord injuries, slip & falls, trip & falls, defective products, medical malpractice, and accidents caused by carelessness. We have over 35 years of personal injury experience and have amassed expertise in helping people recover damages from their losses by collecting the highest awards for our clients in our boutique style law firm, where each of our clients is treated like family and gets personalized attention. Many competent attorneys can help a client obtain a recovery but we pride ourselves in maximizing recovery of every dollar awarded because we take the time to get to know each client, assess the impact of their injuries on themselves and their families. We work hard to solve our client’s difficulties by offering each client individual counsel and service at every step of the way.

Firm Partners

Alan J. Stern

Alan J. Stern, an experienced trial lawyer, has been helping victims of negligence receive full and fair compensation for their injuries by litigating personal injury claims for over 35 years in the State of New York. He began his career by representing doctors and hospitals in medical malpractice cases and in defending municipalities, school districts, manufacturers and large companies in complex tort litigation. He then became a plaintiffs attorney for one of the most successful firms in its time, honed his skills and zealously represented injured victims. In 1992, he left a large, multi-national law firm and went out on his own, and methodically built a successful and widely respected law firm, which enjoys a fine reputation among the best in the legal community.


Elyse J. Stern practices in the fields of negligence, personal injury and malpractice. She serves as a trial attorney and handles all aspects of litigation. It is important to Ms. Stern to work closely with each client to develop a deep understanding of their particular injuries and disabilities. She has an extensive background in business and real estate. Given her business background, her experience, creative ideas and innovative insights, she brings a wealth of wisdom and knowledge to the practice of law, which contributes to maximizing client recovery.