Stern Law Firm’s Construction Site Falling Objects Prevention Tips

How can injuries occurring from falling objects on a construction site be prevented?

Falling or flying objects, such as tools or construction materials, are a serious injury hazard for construction site workers. Also known as “struck-by” hazards, these types of injuries are a leading cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries in construction. Working beneath scaffolds or other areas where overhead work is being performed puts workers at risk from falling objects. Flying objects become a concern when workers are using power tools or performing tasks that involve pushing, pulling or prying. If you have been injured in a falling object accident at work, call the Stern Law Firm today to get the compensation you deserve!

Here are a few tips prevent injuries from a falling object:
  1. Always follow OSHA recommended guidelines and be sure to communicate often. Everyone on a construction site should be working as a team in an effort to avoid complacency and remain vigilant at all times. Speak up and take action if you see a potential danger.

  2. Always wear, and ensure others in the area are wearing, the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) like hard hats, eye protection, proper footwear and other required equipment when in locations at risk for falling objects—no exceptions. Be sure to inspect all PPE prior to use to confirm it still meets manufacturers’ recommendations.

  3. When handling materials, be sure to stack everything neatly in a way that prevents sliding or falling. All materials should be properly secured prior to moving or lifting. 

  4. Never position yourself between moving and fixed objects and stay clear of lifted or suspended loads.

  5. If you are working on an elevated surface, such as scaffolding or a roof, be sure to secure all objects and materials. When possible, use tool lanyards to prevent tools from falling.

  6. Remove items from all loose or unsealed pockets, especially top shirt pockets, such as phones, pens, and tools.

  7. Do not hang or lean objects over guardrails.

  8. Erect barricades and post warning signs at hazardous work zones.

  9. Never exceed the lifting, rigging or weight capacity of any piece of equipment, or platform.

  10. Inspect tools prior to use, and be sure all guards are in place and in good working condition. Only properly trained workers should be using power tools.

These safety tips apply to guests at a work site, as well as passersby. If you are injured by a falling object when passing a construction site, you may also be entitled to make a claim.

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